You already know how to select a proper dress shirt size since you have read our article about that in our blog. Now we will take a look at another as important item – the style of the shirt. Today, there are several different fits, and new ones are created every now and then – regular, slim, modern, athletic, super slim, etc. All of them are created for a specific body type and, if chosen correctly, will look elegant and professional. We will cover the most popular options: regular fit, slim fit and tailored fit in this article.

Regular fit – a traditional choice

Regular fit, or a classic fit, is the traditional dress shirt option. It is made for comfort, with a generous fit through the chest & waist, with standard armholes & fuller sleeves. Regular fitted dress shirts have boxier shape and provide great mobility. This type is the best choice for men who wear their shirts with a jacket and prioritize comfort over fashion. If you are a slimmer guy, this fit will not work for you – the dress shirt will look too baggy and there will be too much excess fabric.

Slim fit dress shirt: only if you are slim

Slim fit is a modern shirt style with a straight, close cut throughout the chest and waist, tapered sleeves and slightly higher armholes. It sits closer to the body but are not skin tight. Slim fit dress shirt are less comfortable than regular fitted ones and more constricting your movement. However, they are more fashionable because excess fabric is removed. It is a good option for those who are in shape, but will terribly if you have a beer belly. There often is an extra slim option, which is even tighter, but will suit only a small number of guys.

fit types

Tailored fit – perfect balance between style and comfort

Tailored fit (also called modern or contemporary fit) takes the middle ground between slim and regular fits. The silhouette is slightly tapered with the waist and chest fitting closer to the body than regular fit, but still providing enough comfort when moving. The armholes are high, so there is less excess fabric. Tailored fitted dress shirt look good with or without a jacket and are a great choice for most men. Tailored fit dress shirt create a slimmer look, without sacrificing too much comfort. Additionally, a tailor has some room to work with these shirt to better fit your body, if needed.

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