Do you want to look stylish without having a packed closet? Minimalism is a trend that’s supposed to help clear your mind and give you a more productive life. The less time you spend rummaging around in your dresser, the more time you can spend getting things done. Having a minimalist wardrobe is not only more efficient but also looks very classy. You don’t need a bunch of clothes or accessories to look stylish every day. This article will give you the ultimate guide on dressing well with few items.

1. Clean Out Your Closet

It is impossible to have a minimalist wardrobe if your closet is full of clothes you don’t need.

Go through your closet and sort clothes you don’t want into three piles. One pile for clothes you can sell, one pile for clothes to donate, and one for clothes to throw away. Vinted is a great place to get rid of the clothes you are not using too often.

Once you have a baseline of clothes you can evaluate what you need for your wardrobe. 

2. Invest in Dress Shirts & T-Shirts

If you want a minimalist wardrobe, plain dress shirts and t-shirts are your new best friend. Why? Because it is easy to match them with anything. Have 5 plain white dress shirts for work & more formal occasions and several options of high quality t-shirts for everything else.

You should invest in at least two high-quality t-shirts in black, white, and gray. It is very important you don’t buy the cheap stuff that will tear and fade easily. Having 6-10 well-made items will make getting dressed in the morning easy. Look for shirts that are soft and fit your body well. Don’t just order a value pack on Amazon and call it a day. A quality item will last longer, will look better, and makes lower environmental impact.

Did you know that Barack Obama wore only 2 types of suits with white dress shirt while he was a president? This was not only convenient, but elegant. Don’t overthink this too much – learn from the best.

3. Suit Up

Suit is a must for every man’s wardrobe. It is convenient, elegant, and minimalist. You can wear the same suit for work every day and will look elegant (just like Barack Obama, right?). Just switch the dress shirt every day and you do not need to think about what to wear every morning.

Even if you don’t wear a suit to work, it is inevitable that an occasion will arise where you need it. Don’t be caught without one. Buy a plain black suit that looks amazing on you.

Don’t be afraid to get it personally tailored and spend a fair amount of money. This will be your one suit, so you want it to look good.

If you want to switch up your look, you can easily buy different colored ties to wear. Ties are inexpensive and don’t take up much room in your dresser. 

In addition to a suit, you’ll need dress shirts. Plain white is the safest choice, but light blue is a popular option as well. Take your measurements so you’re sure you get one that fits. We have an article on how dress shirt sizes work to help with that.

A simple white dress shirt that can be worn without a jacket is a wardrobe staple. 

4. Dark Jeans

When selecting your jeans, opt for darker denim. This is practical, since it will hide stains and will last a long time. Two pairs of dark jeans should be enough for a minimalist wardrobe.

Have one pair that’s nicer that you can wear to work and one pair that you wear for casual days. Be sure to try on jeans in person. They can be finicky and you want to be sure they have the right number of pockets.

5. Denim Jacket

Everyone looks cool in a denim jacket. 

A jacket can make a plain outfit look more intentional. Keep the jacket a classic denim color. Don’t get one with embroideries or add-ons. 

A simple denim jacket can be dressed up or down depending on what shoes you wear with them. Match it with some plain t-shirt and dark jeans to create a classic look.

6. Taper Down Shoe Collection

You really only need three pairs of shoes in your collection:

  1. One pair should be tennis shoes that fit well and that you use to work out.
  2. One pair should be dress shoes that you wear with a suit.
  3. The final pair should be black boots that will get you through the winter. 

Doc Martens are boots that last for years and are a great addition to any wardrobe. 

7. Try a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a new concept on how to manage your minimalist wardrobe. All the pieces in a capsule wardrobe are timeless, versatile and limited. You adjust them from season to season but in the end, you will wear all the clothes that are there often.

They’re timeless because they never go out of style. Before you buy something ask yourself: is it only a passing trend or if you’ll still want to wear it in a year?

Versatile clothes should be able to match with many different outfits. A plain white dress shirt is a good example of versatile clothing, while a leopard print pair of pants – not so much.

Limited means that your wardrobe is trimmed down to only the essentials. Let’s be honest, you regularly wear only 20% of all the different clothes you have anyway.

8. Accessorize

A minimalist wardrobe doesn’t have to mean a boring wardrobe. 

Your accessories are where you can really shine and add personality. As long as you have a small base of neutral colored clothes, colorful accessories shouldn’t push you over the top. 

For work or formal occasions, you can experiment with an infinite number of different tie and bowtie options. That is where white dress shirt are perfect – any color goes well with them.

Hats are another way to add style to your looks. Baseball caps may be appropriate for casual or sporting events and fedoras or bowler hats might be better for more formal settings.

9. Tailor When Necessary

Not everyone’s body type fits into the standard small, medium, or large categories. 

You will likely need to tailor your clothes to get the right fit. This is especially applicable for suits and dress shirts.

Since you’re cutting back on the number of clothing items in your closet, you should be able to afford 10 – 20 $ for a tailor. This is a small investment for the benefit added.

Having well-fitting clothes is one of the main ingredients of looking sharp and elegant. 

Now You Have the Tools to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe

A lot of people think they need to add things to their wardrobe in order to look more stylish. In reality, taking things away and creating a minimalist wardrobe can look far better. You can start building your minimalist wardrobe by checking out our collection of dress shirts.

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