Looking to ace your work presentation or preparing for the all-important business meeting? Researches show that the way you dress affects your performance. It was found that students wearing superman t-shirt performed better during exams. There is evidence that people who dress smartly in formal business clothing feel more confident, powerful, are more creative and can think faster. When you are searching for the right type of formal clothes to include in your capsule wardrobe, dress shirts emerge as the obvious choice. Well-tailored dress shirts not only boost your confidence during a presentation by enhancing your appearance but also absorb perspiration, keeping you comfortable all through the day.

How do clothes affect the way you work?

What you wear at work has a direct impact on how you feel, think and perform, according to scientists.

Makes you smarter: A study found that the right kind of work attire associated with intelligence not only helps you look smarter but also makes you act smarter.

Effective negotiation skills: As per research, clothing you wear at the workplace gives you a clear edge in negotiations. Professional clothes boost abstract thinking and help develop a broader perspective.

Improves focus: The same study also found smart work attire helps people focus harder and for a longer period of time as compared to those dressed casually. The ability to focus is half the battle won at work, particularly when a task is boring or complex. Formal business wear, such as dress shirts, as studies show, may actually make people want to live up to the outfit’s expectations.

Enhances creativity: Apart from helping you feel more powerful, formal business clothing, such as dress shirts, could spark creativity. Researchers believe how you dress changes your perception of events, people and objects and helps you develop a fresh point of view.

How to choose the right dress shirt?

Decide on the fit: usually, dress shirts are available in regular, slim and tailored cuts. It is important for you to choose the dress shirt that flatters your body type. While large shirts are not suitable for slimmer men, slim fits are not recommended for those who have a larger body frame.

It is important to know the size of the dress shirt that fits you perfectly. If you are not sure about your shirt size, you can visit your local tailor to get the measurements done for sleeve, neck, waist and chest. While sleeve and neck are crucial measurements that help you order the dress shirt that fits you, it is also important to consider the overall fit.

Dress shirt material: Dress shirts are made of various materials, including natural fibres such as cotton and silk, or synthetic materials such as polyester, lycra, linen and rayon. Some fabrics offer shine or flexibility, while others last for a longer time.

Style: One dress shirt style may not fit all occasions necessarily. Find the right dress style for the right occasion. While looking at the fabric and the quality of construction are both very important, another aspect you should consider is the collar style. A spread collar gives a modern look and is considered to have a lively and dynamic feel. Cutaway collars have the points “cut away,” so they point at a 90-degree angle downward, and the space in the section where the collar meets is more. The cutaway collar style helps focus the viewer’s eyes on wearer’s face, while this style helps create a rounded face effect for those who have longer faces.

Cost: While high-quality dress shirts are a great investment, you do not have to break the bank for premium dress shirts. There are plenty of 150+ USD dress shirts that have a lower quality than a good 50 USD dress shirt. On the other hand, it is harder to create quality product on a low budget, so you have to find the balance here.

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