Knowing how to tie a tie is one of those things that every man must know. Even if you do not wear it every day for work, there will be situations when a tie is needed. It is fairly easy to tie it – there is plenty of information on the internet. However tying it in a way that impresses people requires a lot of practice and some theory behind it.

Tie is one of the most visible elements of your attire and attracts attention. For this reason, it needs to look flawlessly. You don’t want to make a bad impression during a business meeting or a job interview, right?

Four in Hand Knot

Also known as simple or schoolboy knot, a four in hand knot is one of the most popular types. It is named after the 18th century gentelman’s club and is simplistic and asymetric. Four in a hand knot is perfect for more casual environment.

Due to its construction, this knot should be tied from a thicker fabric so that it does not end up too tiny and thin. The four in hand knot will look best on tall and slim guys. The best thing about this type of knot – it is simple to tie, and just as easy to untie it.

How to Tie a Four in Hand Knot?

How to tie a four in Hand Knot
Tying a Four in Hand Knot

Double Four in Hand Knot

Double Four in Hand Knot

One of the most stylish and asymetric tie knot. Double Four in Hand is very popular in Italy and they take their style seriously there.

As the standard version, it is great for casual events, but may be just too playful for formal occasions. Double four in hand knot is best tied with ties made of thicker fabric. Using a thin tie may result in the knot being unproportionaly small. While standard Four in Hand knot is best suited for taller men, double knot will be perfect for shorter guys – the tie will end up shorter in length. Looks better on slimmer guys.

How to Tie a Double Four in Hand Knot?

Tying a Double Four in Hand Knot
Tying a Double Four in Hand Knot

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